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First, perennial forest ecosystems show several differences compared to intensively-managed agricultural ecosystems, some of which may favour the success of CBC (Pschorn-Walcher ).

Second, many management methods that are often unfavourable to CBC and are practiced in agricultural systems are not permitted or not suitable in forests or on urban trees.

However, despite its long history of practice and successes, CBC is still poorly understood by the general public and many ecologists.

The objective of this review is to answer the most common questions that are posed by the public and scientists to CBC practitioners.

Although the general strategy for a CBC project has not changed very much over numerous decades, the major evolution in the recent two decades has been the larger emphasis on host range testing and assessments of other potential non-target effects, following the increasing concern for negative environmental impacts of CBC agents (Hajek et al.

Native natural enemies in the invaded range can adapt to attacking introduced invasive pests.

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When appropriate, differences between categories were tested using Chi square tests.Until 2010, 6158 introductions of parasitoids and predators were made against 588 insect pests, leading to the control of 172 pests.About 55% of these introductions were made against pests of woody plants.It will focus on the use of exotic arthropods (parasitoids and predators) and pathogens to control insect pests, i.e.

other targets such as other invertebrates, vertebrates, weeds and pathogens will not be covered.

However, due to the high number of pseudo-replications inherent to this kind of dataset, the results have to be considered with caution.

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